Saturday, 6 March 2010

Trainer Training Day 3. What a day.

The day began with uncle Richard introducing us to nested loops and he revealed a little about how he uses nested loops so effectively. He also discussed and demonstrated with us how to select demo subjects. The demo subject is really the stooge because what he was explaining is that although he is putting the demo into a trance, it's the rest of the audience he is focussing on and putting everyone into a trance state. A nice exercise followed in which we had to do just that. My audience was 3 and I had fun. The second time around was much better and I was more comfortable. I really need more practice with this.
Stations, stations, stations.... these are 15 minute drills of different topics we go through; such as, conversational postulates and embedded commands; choice of words and being in a congruent state; language ambiguities; modal operators and tag questions; talking through a mic and seeing the wave on an oscilloscope; voice inflection down and its importance; using noises in presentations; body positioning and voice.
Then it was recording time number 2. We were recorded making another presentation using what we had been taught so far... well what I could put together of what I had learned. I went first in my group of 40 and there were some technical challenges with the "music anchor" and the mic... however, I went ahead anyway. After the presentation we each had individual feedback from one of the trainers. For me a good tip was how to handle technical interruptions beyond my control. My voice pace and tonality was nice and steady. I need to be more grounded and not move so much. Good use of anchors and my fellow participants liked my "stories".
Today was a long day... so much information... good to practice what I learned and I can't believe that's half the course finished already.

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