Monday, 29 March 2010

The Bendy Bus

A good coach is like the experienced driver of a bendy bus. The driver is flexible, on one hand being able to help the bendy bus take tight corners very slowly at the pace of both the bus and the driver, and on the other hand, to smoothly and elegantly facilitate the bendy bus to glide round the corners which give the bus a much greater berth; with the driver giving the bendy bus more control.

The bendy bus is able to travel along all types of roads from low speed local roads to major roads with multiple lanes of traffic. The driver knows which lane to take, even if the bendy bus does not.

When the bendy bus gets tired, the driver will stop and get out and let the bendy bus recharge its batteries and fuel tank; ready for its next journey and destination.

The driver and the bendy bus put together an agreed itinerary with a timetable.

The driver of the bus steers the bus through thick and thin. Over difficult terrain the driver helps steer the bendy bus till the bus gets to familiar territory; no matter how unfamiliar and difficult the terrain is. The driver will sometimes even push the bendy bus safely to its limit because the driver knows the flexibility and the limitations of the bendy bus. The speedometer and noises from the engine of the bendy bus will give the driver a clue.

With experience the bendy bus is able to adapt to all types of passangers; from those passengers who are only onboard for a single ride to those passengers who regularly use the service. The driver is always there on the sidelines observing, listening and getting a feeling for how the bendy bus is developing to its own needs and the needs of the passengers; and regularly feeding back as to the progress of the bendy bus on its voyage to its destination.

Would you say this is a good coach?

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