Monday, 8 March 2010

Trainer Training Day 6

Today is the last day. Final recorded presentation. I thought I would try a metaphor I have never tried before. Let's see if I can remember it. Doesn't matter if I can't as I have it recorded on CD and can transcribe it when I get home.
Here's the jist of it... When I visit new cities and countries I like to visit and explore galleries (why.. colours, textures, feelings). I have never seen a room called "work in progress". Only completed art is shown. Like you, I wonder why.
Change state... before I came here I thought about what I needed to bring to facilitate my learning... visualise my brain as a huge sponge and an excessively large and vast white canvas.
Change state... on the first day I was able to add some splashes of colour to the canvas. By the end of the second day sponge saturation and even more colour added to canvas.
Change state... wake up in middle of night and see that my canvas has been ripped to shreds. Wednesday's child is full of woe... gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts. Someone broke into my room in the night and wrote the initials RB on one of the pieces of the canvas (do a Richard evil eye and mouth movement to the audience).
Change state... as the days progress, the canvas magically rearranges itself and colour and texture is added.
Change state... I am very proud to announce and to reveal to the world that my canvas is incomplete as this is my work in progress.

I received really great feedback from 2 of the trainers in the room and some of my colleagues also gave me very favourable feedback during lunch. One even said that I was talked about during lunch. It was something to do with my big bad wolf metaphor (see yesterday).

Graduation time. Much congratulations to everyone and amongst everyone. Photos galore. The Japanese contingent are a hoot. They took some nice pics with me.

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