Wednesday, 3 March 2010

First day in Orlando

Yesterday was my first full day in Orlando. Breakfast and then deciding what to do. There was a storm in the morning (some wind and rain) which the concierge said would clear by lunchtime. And it did. So, I decided to go shopping to one of the plentiful Malls. According to the map the nearest was a short one mile walk away. So, I walked and walked and walked. American miles seem to be much longer than European miles. Maybe that's just my perception.
Crossing the roads at the big junctions was rather a challenge. Not because of the direction of the traffic. Rather, the sequencing of the traffic lights. The white hand never appeared in my favour.
The Mall... well is like any typical American shopping mall. American customer service is American customer service. Although, the new one on me is to be asked "did anyone help you today?" as you pay for the goods.
I have yet to find somewhere that serves a decent cup of filter coffee without having to go to Starbucks or somewhere like that.

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